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We turned Australian cooks into Mutti ‘infatuatos’ by making them fall in love with pure, quality Italian tomatoes.

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How to: Design Exceptional Customer Experience

In this edition of ‘How to’ we are going to explore what the concept of ‘exceptional customer experience’ really means.

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How to: Sell to Millennials

If you have been on planet earth you would have undoubtedly heard about, read about or been questioned about ‘Millennials’. So, in this edition of “How To…” we are going to look at how best to sell to Millennials under the umbrella of New Republique’s communication methodology

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New Labs


Our answer to this most common client request.
It’s the Chrome extension all creatives have been
waiting for.

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Maxymiser: Imagine a website that tested itself better

New Republique introduces Maxymiser. The most powerful solution for optimising the online customer experience.

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